Production Services

Art In Motion’s services encompass all facets of production and marketing. We conceptualize campaigns, create original scripts or ad copy, and provide production design. incorporating established or customized branding elements. AIM shoots the video, records the narration, conducts all interviews, conceives the sound track, edits the final product, and enables multi-tiered distribution. We are experienced, capable, efficient, enthusiastic and reasonable.

Corporate Marketing

Art In Motion’s Corporate Marketing programs have been used to enhance sales, target demographics, introduce products, educate the consumer and frame the (large and small) company goals.  AIM has experience with Media Training, as well as Training Media, for in-house use, motivational films, "Day in the life" records, video newsletters and other customized communication vehicles. 

Development Media

Our experience lies predominantly in the areas of documentary film making, applying those principles and that style to our non-profit development media. Through testimonials from people who have actually been served by the organizations we are seeking to promote, as well as from organization staff and administration, we tell  meaningful stories with a purpose:  to raise awareness and support. Our development media has been instrumental in the success of several significant capital campaigns, as well as providing the fundraising vehicle for countless organizations, to show their patrons the impact of their contributions, as well as to recruit new donors, volunteers and Board Members. For thirty years, AIM has been producing “mission” driven pieces, providing valuable  health and medical information, educational material for young and old, social documentaries, and the fine and performing arts.

Consumer Products

 Our primary Consumer-driven business consists of "Moving Pictures” video tributes - essentially mini-documentaries celebrating milestones, such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, family histories, and commemorative retrospectives We combine your home movies, family photos, music and interviews to create a portrait that will preserve your memories for generations.