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Our experience lies predominantly in the areas of documentary film making and story telling, applying those principles to our non-profit development media. Through on-camera testimonials from people who have received help by the organizations we elevate, as well as from involved staff, we tell stories of dedication, purpose and need. For thirty years, AIM has been providing health and medical information, creating educational programming, producing socially driven documentaries, presenting cultural material in the fine and performing arts, and driving capital campaigns large and small. Art In Motion has produced over 3000 discrete pieces, raising awareness, support and eyebrows, for over 500 clients. 

This photo was taken at the showing of Rob's "Smokin'" Joe Frazier film, "Gettin' The Job Done".

Rob Stoller

Rob Stoller founded ART IN MOTION in 1988 with two principal objectives: to focus on and promote those non-profit organizations and individuals providing unique contributions to the Arts, Health and Education, while at the same time undertaking commercial projects for particular corporate entities. Rob, who has a Broadcasting & Film degree, as well as an MBA in Management, has taught production, media and business at the university level for over twenty years. 

He has also Head-coached Boys Tennis and Baseball at the High School Varsity level.