Overcoming Obstacles - Andre Clayton

This AIM video introduced the artist Andre Clayton to the world at-large. His is an incredible story of extraordinary will, love, talent and triumph.

Overcoming Obstacles - Simon Illa

Simon Illa is a gifted multi-genre music producer who moved from his home in Paris, Illinois to Philadelphia to pursue his professional dreams, despite some significant obstacles. Since completion of this Art In Motion video, Simon has relocated to Atlanta, GA.

Overcoming Obstacles - Kevin Reilly

A former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker, Kevin Reilly now inspires from off the field. In this Art In Motion video, Kevin describes his journey to overcome the loss of his arm and shoulder to cancer, and of moving others to find strength in their own lives.

Habitat For Humanity

In this archival piece done for Habitat For Humanity, Rob Stoller shares some meaningful conversation with young Habitat resident Jermaine Milhouse.

Passyunk Homes Against Drugs

"Miss Anna" White is an urban warrior. Representing a growing number of grandmothers raising grandchildren, she's fought tirelessly for the rights of kids in the Passyunk Homes development, and singlehandedly ousted the known drug dealers from her neighborhood.

Jesse Jackson

This AIM video, shot in Wash. DC around 1990, at the first-ever Pediatric AIDS Awareness Day, features the Rev. Jesse Jackson, delivering a rousing speech which seems to ring truer than ever at this moment in time.

"If My Hands Could"

This video, filmed by Rob Stoller at Inglis House, features a duet performed by Stuart, who wrote the poem, and Audra, who put the lyrics to music. Enjoy this poignant and meaningful collaboration.

Fallen Warrior

Gold-Star Mother Mary MacFarland is the epitome of strength, pride and dignity in this AIM video, produced for Philadelphia Treats For Troops.

John Thompson - exonerated

Having been wrongly convicted of murder in New Orleans (by DA Harry Connick, Sr.), John Thompson was exonerated on the strength of new DNA evidence, after 18 years on Death Row.

Dr. William Meyers

Before becoming one of the world's leading experts on abdominal injuries (including "sports hernias"), Dr. William Meyers was a renowned liver surgeon. Prior to that, however, Meyers was an All-American soccer player (who still holds records at Harvard), and was drafted by the NY Yankees. His Vincera Institute, in Philadelphia, is now a leader in the field of sports medicine.

Dorothy Grider - Her Words, Her Work

The late, great Dorothy Grider was a prolific, albeit under-appreciated artist in New Hope, PA. In this AIM video, Dorothy, a Bowling Green native, shares her work, life experiences and unique perspective. Dorothy was quite a lady, and an outstanding painter.

Miss Rosa Parks

In this video excerpt by Rob Stoller, Rosa Parks, the late, remarkable civil rights icon, welcomes visitors to Philadelphia during her travels and talks about the Underground Railroad. 

Tribute to Tony Black

In this AIM video, Tony Black, one of the winningest jockeys in horse racing history, speaks to Rob Stoller about racing, winning, losing, hard work and life.

Pioneer Palace, Moscow

Shot by Rob Stoller in 1990 Moscow, this boys' dance class at the Pioneer Palace is taught by the passionate, powerful, renowned Olec Pavlov, who engenders discipline and love.

Pete Catches: "Walks With Fire"

Perhaps the last real Lakota Medicine Man, the late, extraordinary Pete Catches ("Walks With Fire") shares his story and wisdom with Rob Stoller of Art In Motion.

Roslyn HS Memorial video

Classmates who have left us.