Sonny Hill

The great Sonny Hill (Basketball HOF) has been mentoring, teaching and coaching young men his entire adult life. Through his legendary basketball camp and league, Sonny has had a profound impact on the youth of Philadelphia.

"Alpha-Bet-It-Is", with D-Most

In another segment featured on the weekly PBS show, Art In Motion, Dion McCreary (aka "D-Most") shares his views on education, exemplified by his innovative rap-based learning exercise, "Alpha-Bet-It-Is".

The Beale Sisters

Created as a segment on PBS' "Art In Motion", this interaction with the Beale Sisters uses "Double-Dutch" to examine the relationship between enjoyment and effective learning.

Isabel Bohn

  • One of the most impactful individuals in the PA Disabilities Community, Isabel Bohn, who suffered a leg amputation as a little girl, has gone on to help countless people through the PA Center For Adaptive Sports (PCAS) and the Philadelphia Rowing Program For the Disabled (PRPD).

Mira Nakashima

Mira Nakashima, daughter of the esteemed furniture designer George Nakashima, has emerged from her father's shadow to establish herself as a creative force in her own right.