United Cerebral Palsy

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) is a multi-faceted organization, providing desperately needed help and support to many individuals and families, who would otherwise have nowhere to go. 

NJAAP Doctors

This NJAAP (NJ Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics) membership video, produced by AIM, gave NJ pediatricians the opportunity to present themselves, and speak about their passion and profession.

Penn Throwing Clinic

The Penn Throwing Clinic was established to study throwing motion and impact, with the purpose of detecting and preventing arm injuries among baseball players, so prevalent today.

Rohm & Haas Community Partnerships

Art In Motion produced this piece for Rohm & Haas, to promote several of  their local community programs, the not-for-profit arm of the company.

NJAAP - "Toxic Stress"

This AIM video, produced for the Academy of Pediatrics, explores the trauma experienced by children whose homes and lives were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.


KidsSmiles is an extraordinary organization providing dental care and oral health education to 70,000 children and families who would not otherwise have access.

Foundation For Melanoma Research

In this AIM video excerpt, Kate O'Neill speaks lovingly about her late sister, Noreen, who established the Foundation For Melanoma Research before ultimately succumbing to the disease.

"A Legacy of Excellence"

This Art In Motion excerpt is from a video celebrating the illustrious career and retirement of Dr. William Bluemle, as President of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Help Soldiers

This AIM video, produced for Help Soldiers, features Monika and Chrissy, an amazing mother and daughter, displaying extraordinary love, strength and commitment in the face of great difficulty.

KidsSmiles - "First Smiles"

This AIM video, produced for Kids Smiles, extolls the virtue and medical importance of early childhood oral examination and dental care.


At the time of its release (1989-90), this Stoller-produced PSA was barred in certain markets, presumably for its frankness and dramatic impact.

Medical College of PA

This Art In Motion project was historical and impactful. MCP dates back to the first women's medical school in the country (Marie Curie was there) and the video was used to help finance the Medical College of PA's move to Green Lane.

Irion Furniture Makers

This AIM piece, done for Irion Furniture Makers, features Irion's 18th century American craftsmanship, handed down through generations.

Friends' Central School

This AIM excerpt is from a development piece done for Friends' Central HS, an exemplary Quaker school in Wynnewood, PA.

Very Special Arts

In this Very Special Arts workshop, filmed by Rob Stoller around 1990, former Alvin Ailey dancer Carol Penn teaches movement and trust to legally blind kids.

Lupus PSA

When Art In Motion began shooting this spot for the Lupus Fdn. with Scott Rolen and Scotty Exler, Randy Wolf and Hall of Famer Jim Thome asked to take part.

American Cancer Society

Art In Motion was hired by ACS to produce this in-house video, designed to remind staff of their reasons for joining the organization in the first place.

Health Promotion Council

This video, done by Art In Motion for The Health Promotion Council, addresses the serious issue of smoking among pregnant women in the inner city.