Zakkir Hussein and Rennie Harris

The Late Bobby Scott

AIM Gospel

This video, filmed by Rob Stoller (for Art In Motion), took place at he Zion Baptist Church in North Philadelphia, and features The Floyd Sisters and the Lincoln University  gospel choir.

Muna Tseng

This video of Muna Tseng, filmed by Rob Stoller, at St. Peters Church in NYC, was commissioned by "Cauldron", a conference on Eastern culture and philosophy.


This promotional video, produced by Art In Motion, presents the innovative and challenging material from the mind of Brian Sanders.

Heidi Weiss

This performance by Heidi Weiss, filmed by Rob Stoller, was a presentation of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Rockin' Ronnie Crawford at AIM

This video of Rockin' Ronnie Crawford, filmed by Rob Stoller at  AIM studios, exemplifies the brilliant free-flowing style of drumming Ronnie's known for.

Zen One Dance Collective

Group Sax w/Gregg Gelb

Check out this great video